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I love Trio Oriens! I have had the great pleasure/honor to perform several concerts with Trio Oriens. Every performance is a thrill for me. Their musicianship, professionalism and programing are always so satisfying and creative. If you have not heard Trio Oriens, run, do not walk to their next performance. It will be one of your concert highlights for the season.

Richard Nunemaker
University of St. Thomas, Houston
Houston Latin American Philharmonic
Alumni Fellow University of Louisville
Houston Symphony (retired)


I have attended several concerts with Trio Oriens expertly performed and been asked to write a testimonial. I am thrilled to have a chance to share my thoughts about Trio Oriens with you.

I feel particularly comfortable writing to attest to their formidable intellect, their unfailing energy and their very likable personalities. Their intelligence and musical knowledge are always expressed in their performances with thorough keen understanding of a work's structure and style. They also seek to stretch their abilities to their absolute maximum with hard working and endless energy. They are always very friendly when I interact with them in person.

It's my great pleasure to recommend Trio Oriens to you.

Lina Huang, music educator and choir director

The members of Trio Oriens are musicians of the highest order graced with an uncanny sense of ensemble and balance not only in their performing abilities, but in their musical programming as well. Their concerts are multi-cultural events that are designed to stimulate the listener from all perspectives and their dedication to giving "living" composers fair space on their programs is always remarkable. They are all gifted musicians, dedicated to the presentation of beauty and poetry in sound. It is always an honor to work with this extraordinary group.

Joe LoCascio
Composer and Professor of Composition
Houston Community College

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